Monday, 27 October 2014

Five Guys, London

I had a busy day at a conference pretty central and the food was pretty lousy, so the moment it ended I desperately needed something to fill the void. Despite Five Guys being around near Leicester Square for some time now for some unknown reason I had never tried. I thought I would give them a try.

The queue was fortunately pretty short but still out of the door and got served after about 5 minutes wait. I ordered a cheeseburger with the works, regular fries and a soft drink. Considering I ordered regular fries the amount of fries was ridiculous as seen in the below picture, which was after the cup
of standard fries had been removed

The fries were very tasty, proper hand cut chips so big plus on this. However there were far too many and despite leaving about a quarter of them eating them became a chore! 

The other good thing about the meal was the soft drink machine, free refills of what looked like every version of Coke, Fanta and Schweppes ever made.

So to the key item, the burger with all the works.

Incredibly messy burger and looks between a mix of a burger from a bog standard burger van and a  Big Mac. I was hugely disappointed as for £8 I thought it would be much better, both presentation wise and also the taste. It tastes like it looks, greasy! It is by no means the worst burger ever but far from being a good burger and certainly not value for money.

The most annoying thing about it was the grease, even when in the foil it still went through 4/5 paper tissues. My hands still were greasy hours after despite using numerous tissues and washing my hand numerous times.

The burger fries and drink came to £14 which considering the place is a slightly glorified McDonalds it is shockingly expensive, especially given the great burger places out there. I've learnt my lesson, stick to more hipster style burger places in future!!

Five Guys 4.5/10

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