Monday, 6 October 2014

A Slightly Pathetic Chilli Plant

In late spring a work colleague brought in a number of Cayenne pepper seedlings in for others to share in the Chilli goodness. Not having a greenhouse or conservatory had previous put me off but I thought I would give it a go.

After a few weeks things were looking good and it was growing well on the window sill and repotted into a larger pot.    

As the months went on I started to get excited when the plant start flowering and a small pepper started growing. 

Unfortunately things then took a bit of a turn for the worse and a lot of the leaves started dying. 
Whether being on the window sill was a bad idea, or it was over fed or overwatered I'm not sure but nothing seemed to be going right.
I finally managed to get it to come round by watering a little less and not feeding it for a few weeks. 

Although the plant started to look healthy the fact that it had been on the window sill behind a blind meant it had grown incredibly narrow and still only had one pepper.

(Spot the pepper!)

I finally admitted defeat today as it's getting colder and cut the cayenne pepper off. The taste was very sweet with a lovely heat but five months of effort for one pepper probably wasn't worth it!!

This won't put me off though, next year I will back and will try more.

Any tips for growing indoors or advice about which chilli's that grow better would be graciously received!!!!

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