Monday, 26 January 2015

Eggs St Vincent

What better way to get over an awful hangover than rustling up a feast of chorizo and eggs! Not sure how I managed to avoid just having a bacon sandwich but it was very much worth it. Well I do know, I was banished from the kitchen, and gratefully stayed on the couch!! No need to go out and get some brunch.

3 or 4 eggs
1/2 cucumber sliced
Handful chopped frozen garlic
Handful chopped frozen shallots
Punnet of cherry tomatoes 
6 inches of chorizo diced
2 Romano peppers
Sprinkling piri piri rub
Handful of frozen basil
Olive oil
3/4 small pittas
Sprinkling of chilli flakes
Salt and pepper

1. Heat a frying pan on high and add the garlic and shallots until soft

2. Add the tomatoes until they start to break down

3. Add the chorizo, peppers, piri piri rub, basil, salt and pepper. 

4. Whilst this is bubbling away in another pan add a tsp of oil and fry the eggs.

5. Toast the pittas, and place on a plate. Add the chorizo, pepper and tomato mix. Place the eggs on top and the sliced cucumbers on the side. 

Try it next weekend! 

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Carrot and Sweet Potato Stew

With the new year and very expensive items coming up (moving and wedding) I decided to start making my own lunches. This was very much using what was in the fridge and cupboards, which meant throwing some things I wouldn't normally. It ended up being a lot less simple as planned as put more and more items in but still very easy

Ultimately it worked out well in the end, but would leave for longer before eating in future as thickened up well and flavours were even better fused together.

6 carrots peeled and cut into chunks
1 sweet potato peeled and cut into chunks
1 red onion diced
1 can baked beans
1 can lentils
1 can chick peas
1 1/2 pints veg stock (would recommend having this thick as I had to add in a decent amount of corn flour after)
Good sprinkling oregano
Good sprinkling cayenne pepper
Good sprinkling Worcestershire sauce
4 large tbsp good bbq sauce (I used American Stockyard bbq sauce from Marks and Spencer)
Salt and pepper to taste
Corn flour if needed

1) Place the onion, carrots, sweet potato, chick peas, lentils and baked beans in the slow cooker.

2) Add the oregano, cayenne pepper, veg stock and Worcestershire sauce. If too watery then add the cornflour to thicken up slightly and stir well.  Salt and pepper to taste.

Prior to cooking 

3) Put the slow cooker on low for 2 hours.

4) Add the bbq sauce and keep on low for about 8 hours.

In the morning after cooking

At this point I then this off the heat to take some to work. I came about about 12 hours later and it was the perfect consistency, so you may want to do the same before eating.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Elizabeth's Garden Cocktail

Apart from the great wines for the 30th party we also put together fantastic gin cocktail, a take on English Garden. Went down a storm and everyone ended up wanting more, fortunately we had some Hendricks in reserve!

1 1/2 measures Hendricks Gin
1 measure elderflower cordial
3 measures cloudy Apple juice
3 dashes lime juice
2 measures sparkling water
5-6 blueberries
1. In a tall glass add ice up to 1/3 up the glass

2. Add in each of the above in order and to taste. Don't overdo the elderflower as can overpower.

3. Add the blueberries in and serve

Happy New Year (and some Majestic wines)

Happy New Year to all. Apologies the posts have died away, but the last month has been crazy. Not just the usual busy Christmas period of drinks, work does and family meet-ups, I also got engaged and had a huge 30th party. Very exhausting! Posts will be forthcoming, some great restaurants in the Cotwolds from December are due.

A lot of my tweets recently have been about some absolutely shocking service from British Airways. This hopefully will not continue and can carry on tweeting about what I love- food and drink. All I can advise is please never use British Airways if you have any choice!

For the 30th party bash I had 2 great wines- didn't want to go to over the top, as had beers and gin cocktails as well!

Both wines were from Majestic and loved the sale and return they offer as we went a bit overboard, and people brought lots of the own champers.

Firstly the Prosecco, an absolute steal at £6.66 at present. Get it whilst it is on offer, as taste better than those double the price. Subtle flavours and incredibly easy to drink, could work with most foods.

Find it here:
Majestic Prosecco

Secondly the Syrah, at the same price of £6.66. This looks to be already sold out on Majestic, so I feel guilty having a case left lonely in the corner of the flat. I normally steer well clear of red wine like this but loved this, very strong smells but ultimately very drinkable. The review below somes it up (no 6). Look out for it, hopefully there are some out there available!!