Sunday, 30 November 2014

Black & Blue, Waterloo

Friday night the two of us decided to go for something to eat near Waterloo on the way home. Unfortunately out of all the choices within walking distance we made a massive error with Black & Blue.

As the place was busy we went straight to the bar and we probably should have left at this point, as the G&Ts were served in the type of glasses not seen since cheap student union nights many years

Eventually a table was free and we were shown towards it, well told it was upstairs and left to find our own way. As there was no staff upstairs we just sat anywhere and waited and waited. Eventually we asked the only staff member anywhere near for menus and grudgingly she got some.

Trying to order was also great fun, 4/5 attempts to explain what we wanted as the server's English was almost non existent. What tricky order did you want I hear you say, well Ribs times 2! Could not have been easier to understand and pointing to the menu didn't even help.

When the food arrived it was actually alright, not fine dining but certainly edible and we polished it all off. Would have been nice to have been offered anything else/more sauces but not to worry.

Unfortunate it was just after we received the food that the real reason for this blog posting exists!
Sitting the small table right by the railings were fine, nice view over the rest of the restaurant, however big gaps occur between every post in said railing. Putting cutlery 3/4 centimetres from the edge is a recipe for distaster and as you can imagine when the plates were put down the lack of space meant by girlfriend knocked her knife slightly. This then fell through the railing, fortunately hitting the floor below and not a diner.

This then led to the quickest movement of staff that evening, with the bouncer on the door running up the stairs to berate my girlfriend for 1. doing it on purposes and 2. being drunk. Great way to kill the mood of not only our meal but also all other tables upstairs.

A little later we explained to the server and she apologised and said she would have a word with the
bouncer, shame that when she went downstairs, she walked straight past him (maybe she forgot upstairs had such a good view??)

We finished our meal and paid, again explaining the poor experience. Not really any apology this time but told simply he wasn't part of normal staff so it wasn't the restaurants fault. Oh that makes it alright then.

My advise is simply don't go here, if you need a quick fix food wise at Waterloo hit Mcdondalds instead.

Food 5.5/10
Overall 3/10

I tweeted the restaurant post meal well over 48 hours ago,  but up to now have had no response so have no qualms what so ever in posting this less than positive review 

Honey and Mustard Dressing

On a bit of a health kick recently, so have been a little slack in updating as most of my meals have been monotonous and boring. Although this meal was a salad, it had blue cheese covering it and my famous (well within friends) honey mustard dressing

I love condiments but always think salad dressings are a bit dull and almost always a bit too vinegary for my tastes. I will always try and make something up rather than just pour at a bottle

1 tsp whole grain mustard
1 tsp american mustard
2 tsp mayonnaise 
2 tsp honey

1. Simply add the mustards and honey together. Mix well
2. Add the mayonnaise in, small bits at a time and continue to mix

3. Add further amounts of any of the ingredients for preference. If too thick add a little olive oil

4. Drizzle over salad

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Tomato and Sweet Pepper Bruschetta

A lazy Saturday and thought I would try a new fruit and veg stall near. I'm incredibly lazy and so much of my vegetables come from the supermarket and will be making more of an effort going forward!

5 Sweet peppers (red and orange for colour)
Approx 500g baby plum tomatoes (Was a bit over a pound in weight)
Large sprinkling of homemade Garlic oil
Handful frozen chopped Garlic
Handful frozen chopped Shallots
Handful frozen chopped Basil
Large sprinkling Paprika
Large sprinkling Red chilli flakes
Black pepper to taste

We picked up 5 peppers and loads of tomatoes all for about £2.20 and we decided to make some soup with them (which we didn't follow through with!)

1. We started by chopping and placing all of the above in a roasting tray. 

2. Then added all the other herbs, spices and home made garlic oil.

3. We roasted for 30 minutes at 200c.

4. We then decided it looked far too tasty to 'waste' in  a soup so instead toasted a couple of pittas and added some salad round the side.