Sunday, 2 November 2014

Tomato and Sweet Pepper Bruschetta

A lazy Saturday and thought I would try a new fruit and veg stall near. I'm incredibly lazy and so much of my vegetables come from the supermarket and will be making more of an effort going forward!

5 Sweet peppers (red and orange for colour)
Approx 500g baby plum tomatoes (Was a bit over a pound in weight)
Large sprinkling of homemade Garlic oil
Handful frozen chopped Garlic
Handful frozen chopped Shallots
Handful frozen chopped Basil
Large sprinkling Paprika
Large sprinkling Red chilli flakes
Black pepper to taste

We picked up 5 peppers and loads of tomatoes all for about £2.20 and we decided to make some soup with them (which we didn't follow through with!)

1. We started by chopping and placing all of the above in a roasting tray. 

2. Then added all the other herbs, spices and home made garlic oil.

3. We roasted for 30 minutes at 200c.

4. We then decided it looked far too tasty to 'waste' in  a soup so instead toasted a couple of pittas and added some salad round the side.

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