Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Mr. Richardson's Incomparable Condiments

A friend has been a bit too over excited recently after ordering some hot sauce online. I'm not usually someone who particularly loves hot sauce for the sake of it but I will try any food item, especially condiments, at least once.

When the sauce arrived he brought it round for me to sample. Turns out there were more than one, 'A Truly Frulish Concoction' and 'Deep Fried Heroin'.

Both very similar looking bottles and lists of ingredients but boy these are worlds apart!!

First up Truly Frulish, quite possible the best hot sauce I have ever tried. The fruity elements of the strawberry Frulli beer comes through but without being sweet at all. There is a strong kick but very enjoyable, the type of hot sauce you would be addicted to after the first taste. I can imagine using the sauce as a marinade, mixed with sour cream for a nacho dipping sauce or even used sparingly in a slow cooker over meatballs. 

Next up was the Deep Fried Heroin. Apparently double the strength in terms of number of scotch bonnets and you can really see the difference. Unfortunately for me it is too much heat, and couldn't get the same fruity flavours as with the first as the heat overpowered. My mate was in love however, something tells me that he will be ordering a lot more!

The sauces are available from www.mrrichardsons.co.uk for £3.29 for a 250ml bottle (plus postage) although the Deep Fried Heroin looks to be pretty new and therefore not available on line as yet.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Peach and Raspberry Gin

After dinner round at friends at which we drank a number of flavoured gins, I was desperate to try and make my own.
Various recipies for fruit gin are out there but none seem to combine different fruits so this was a bit of a gamble. However raspberry gin seems to be the most popular (apart from sloe) so I thought I would start from here and add peaches. I know there is at least one gin company that make Peach gin so it must surely mix well!

225g punnet of raspberries
3 peaches diced (about 200g)
300g sugar
1.5l gin
2l Kilner jar

1. Sterilise your Kilner jar, I prefer the oven method.
2. When cooled add raspberries, followed by diced peaches.

3. Add sugar to cover the fruit, give a little shake.

4. Top up with all the gin to the top of the jar ( I had a little left over so a nice g&t followed :) ).

5. Shake daily for the next couple of days until sugar dissolved.

6. Place in a dark cool area for between 6/12 months, I used the brown paper the Kilner jar came in. Strain the fruit out after a couple of months. I recommend tasting on a semi regular basis so that you can add further sugar if required.

I will update 6 months with the final results!