Monday, 29 September 2014

Peach and Raspberry Gin

After dinner round at friends at which we drank a number of flavoured gins, I was desperate to try and make my own.
Various recipies for fruit gin are out there but none seem to combine different fruits so this was a bit of a gamble. However raspberry gin seems to be the most popular (apart from sloe) so I thought I would start from here and add peaches. I know there is at least one gin company that make Peach gin so it must surely mix well!

225g punnet of raspberries
3 peaches diced (about 200g)
300g sugar
1.5l gin
2l Kilner jar

1. Sterilise your Kilner jar, I prefer the oven method.
2. When cooled add raspberries, followed by diced peaches.

3. Add sugar to cover the fruit, give a little shake.

4. Top up with all the gin to the top of the jar ( I had a little left over so a nice g&t followed :) ).

5. Shake daily for the next couple of days until sugar dissolved.

6. Place in a dark cool area for between 6/12 months, I used the brown paper the Kilner jar came in. Strain the fruit out after a couple of months. I recommend tasting on a semi regular basis so that you can add further sugar if required.

I will update 6 months with the final results!

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