Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Happy New Year (and some Majestic wines)

Happy New Year to all. Apologies the posts have died away, but the last month has been crazy. Not just the usual busy Christmas period of drinks, work does and family meet-ups, I also got engaged and had a huge 30th party. Very exhausting! Posts will be forthcoming, some great restaurants in the Cotwolds from December are due.

A lot of my tweets recently have been about some absolutely shocking service from British Airways. This hopefully will not continue and can carry on tweeting about what I love- food and drink. All I can advise is please never use British Airways if you have any choice!

For the 30th party bash I had 2 great wines- didn't want to go to over the top, as had beers and gin cocktails as well!

Both wines were from Majestic and loved the sale and return they offer as we went a bit overboard, and people brought lots of the own champers.

Firstly the Prosecco, an absolute steal at £6.66 at present. Get it whilst it is on offer, as taste better than those double the price. Subtle flavours and incredibly easy to drink, could work with most foods.

Find it here:
Majestic Prosecco

Secondly the Syrah, at the same price of £6.66. This looks to be already sold out on Majestic, so I feel guilty having a case left lonely in the corner of the flat. I normally steer well clear of red wine like this but loved this, very strong smells but ultimately very drinkable. The review below somes it up (no 6). Look out for it, hopefully there are some out there available!!

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