Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Review: Holyfuck sauce (TheRibman.co.uk)

After following theribman (@theribman) on Twitter for what seems like forever and friends raving about his famous ribs, I thought I had better try some his sauces. The most famous is 'Holy Fuck' but I fancied trying more than just one of his sauces, so went for the holy trinity hot sauces travel pack. As well as the Holy fuck, it comes Christ on a bike, and Holy mother of god, in handy 100ml bottles in a handy see through plastic wrapping (for when you desperately need to take as hand luggage)

I really hot sauces but my heat limits are not the highest so was anxious as to just how hot these were going to be. Fortunately the side of the bottle has a scale, 6 crossed irons left me worried.

So I thought I would just for it and try them all together, with of course some meat as was designed for! No ribs though unfortunately.

The taste was not what I had expected as so different to every hot sauce I have tried before. It tasted like a pizza or pasta sauce because of the herbs and tomato used, just with a massive kick! Unless you want to cry until next week I wouldn't recommend having as a pizza base. Certainly doesn't have the sheer amount of vinegar you find in most (cheap) hot sauces

I love the holy fuck sauce and lapped it up, the Christ on a bike stretched me, whilst the Holy mother was just too much for me! Certainly separates the men from the boys but I'm not ashamed not be able to handle the hottest, my mouth was on fire for about 20 mins and looked a little red. The milk in the picture below was essential.

So how does it fair, I would give them 8 out of 10. Very good sauces but I wouldn't be replacing my default favourite hot sauce - A Totally Frullish Concoction (Mr Richardson incomparable condiments) reviewed here but would be a very good back up and an essential sauce at a bbq.

The travel pack is available from www.theribman.co.uk/collections/sauces for £10. The ribman can also be found on brick lane on Sunday for the full fix with ribs! 

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