Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Almond Milk, Strawberry and Oat Smoothie

I have been on a health kick recently after realising I was slowly putting on a bit too much weight! Decided to at least start every day on the right note with a healthy oat smoothie to start the day. The problem with most oat smoothie recipes are they are American and those who have read other blogs on here know I detest recipes which have 'cups' as measures. This is 2015, why we allow such a inprecise measurement amazes me. I have cups in my kitchen sizing between 100ml and a pint, which size is right??

Anyway here is a very simple oat smoothie recipe, with normal measurements, for a nice filling start to the day 

200g Strawberry (or one Banana. Do not use blueberries at this ratio as turns gelatinous!)
50g Oats
400ml Almond Milk

1. First get yourself a Brevil blender, a god send with such little fuss or mess for only £30 http://www.breville.co.uk/vbl062-blend-active.html. 

2. Cut up the strawberry into quarters and add these, the milk and then oats into the bottle

3. I like to soak for 10 minutes and then blend. 

4. Two mornings worth of smoothie, enjoy!

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