Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Fenchurch Seafood Bar & Grill (Skygarden)

I had previously booked a couple of tickets to go up the 'Walkie talkie' tower but work commitments meant I never could actually go. For date night with fiancée I suggested we treat ourselves at Fenchurch seafood bar and grill and review. Despite having limited number of tables we were able to book 48 hours ahead which was surprising.

The table was booked for 6:45 but thought we would chance going up an hour early, but we were met with a pretty lengthy queue at ground level. What wasn't clear was that with restaurant reservations you could skip this queue, so ended up wasting 10-15 minutes. By the time we got to the top we were really ready for a drink at level 35 (sky pod bar), but unfortunately despite being at the bar itself we again had a lengthy wait. Most drinks were cocktails and lengthy prep time along with what appeared to be in-experienced bar staff meant quite a few errors occurring! I can appreciated teething issues with brand new bars but this has been open for a little bit of time now and it looked quite amateurish.

We finally got drinks and the views were certainly worth the wait
Looking East


 We took a walk around and loved the views in every direction. There is plenty of seating both in the bar and around the sky  garden itself which is a real positive. 

And inside 

As we were getting hungry we went up to level 37 to the restaurant itself. The menu is fantastic with both a number of seafood and meat options with mains from £22. We decided to skip starter as the 
desserts looked pretty special and also the amuse Boucher and bread were more than enough. We went for Fillet steak and Guinea Fowl which were both delightful and kept us very quiet. My partner was in love with this dish as all of their favourite things on a plate- and a salad just out of shot!

The main courses were great but where this place adds the special touch is the desserts.  We both went for the strawberry doughnut, lime ice cream,  buttermilk and honeycomb. My partners reaction was 'the best dessert I have ever had'. Considering the places we have eaten, fine praise indeed.

The overall bill came to about £155, but considering we had a £55 bottle of US Pinot Noir was reasonable and certainly felt well worth it. I will be going again and now looking actively for an occasion to book it for.

Overall Rating 8.5. Though I would say a point off purely for having to wait downstairs for both the lift and at the sky pod bar. This may be harsh on the restaurant itself but all part of the evening


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