Monday, 2 March 2015

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I was advised about a new company providing craft beer direct to your door, so I thought I would check it out and review There was an offer code 'GS9' which meant the usual price of £24 for 8 beers was just £5.95 (postage and packing) so looked a bargain.

Here are the beers ranked in order:

Gentse Strop
Huge amount of flavour, with a hint of wheat beer flavour to it. One for sipping and taking slowly but a clear winner. Will source myself.

Krut Gold 
A clear second place and this was finished in a flash, the only beer that was. Almost a little sweet with slight honey flavours.

Art la Indiana 
Strong flavours and worked amazingly well with a fish curry (which slightly surprised me). Won't be highly rated by all as such as distinctive flavours but good for me.

La Loca Juana
An almost perfect beer, however due the strong wheat flavour that got stronger as I went through the bottle and put me off

Old Tom with Chocolate 
This is where the beers go downhill and stopped being exciting. This tasted like drinking a nice beer with chocolate in your mouth, rather than an infused flavour. Shame as this could have been pretty special.

Ilkley and Hophead
These two beers were put together as both were a bit meh and just very standard beers you would have in your local. Neither special and surprised with were in this box

Brigid Fire
Worst beer of the bunch and by a long way. Horrible beer that was completely overpowering, and couldn't finish the bottle. I do tend to like beers that are smoked or smoked flavours but certainly not this one!! So much sediment in the bottle which was very off putting. 

So was the box any good? Well yes it was decent and I would rate it 6/10 as some of the beers were pretty good. Pretty clear that I loved the continental beers so was beneficial to have a number of these! The box also contain some crisps so the £5.95 seemed a steal. 

Would I use this company again? Well I have already have, even before I finished the first!  This was another voucher code, 'rising' which was a completely free box including P&P. 

Would I pay full price? No I wouldnt, I didn't think it is worth £24 a box. The selection was good but going through these I've realised I don't like craft beers enough to justify this. I don't want to drink carling/Stella but I'm happy with premium lagers and ales I know I love. 

Unfortunately, I  hope this company succeeds but I'm not sure there will be enough demand for this at this price. They also seem very lax in their voucher codes, which is either a massive error or a calculated gamble which could easily backfire 

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