Sunday, 15 March 2015

Cucumber and Mint Gin

Why not try a cucumber and mint infused gin?

After the immense success of the peach and raspberry gin, (full recipe here) we decided that wedding favours could well be mini flavoured gins. Means favours that relate to us, taste great and people actually remember! So I need to start experimenting and thought cucumber and mint always tastes great in cocktails so why not try infusing with gin. I used a much smaller bottle than I would normally but want to make sure this works first!!

100g cucumber cut into strips
150ml gin
10g mint leaves (4/5 sprigs)
45g sugar

1. Sterilise the bottle you want to use
2. Cut the cucumber into thin strips and rip the mint leaves from the same.
3. Add the cucumber and mint to the bottle, and add the gin.

4. Add the sugar and shake (normally I would add sugar before gin but wanted to make sure it all fit first!!!)
5. Shake each day until the sugar dissolves then store in a dark place for a few months and taste regularly. 

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